High Quality Dish Sponge Scrubber 4 Pcs in a Pack

Antibacterial & Hugh Abrasion-Resistant Scrub Sponge with Excellent Cleaning Quality. Durable scrubs used for longer time so you save more. Erase worries about bacteria with inorganic Antimicrobial Agent.

Its curved shape fits into your hand comfortably. And makes cleaning easy and thorough.

CONTENT: 4 pcs. in a pack

Hypoallergenic Hand Wash Gloves – 2 Sets in a Pack

2 sets of Durable, Ergonomic design for quick drying with easy to store hooks.
Made with Red Clay & Charcoal for freshness. anti-sesitivity.
With 5-emotional phrases for health & care.

Material: High Quality Natural Latex. You can use longer and no foul smell.

Size: Medium (20cm x 33cm)