Presenting our SRNEA-USA INC. Scholar for Year 2019

SRNE Association USA, Inc. proudly presents the new scholars for 2019 under the Adopt A Scholar Program & the other previous administrations… Thank you so much to all the sponsors for helping these children uplift their lives to have a brighter future…. ☀️⭐️To God be the glory. ❤️

Adopt A Scholar Program:
Marry An Aspira
Jamaica Asuncion
Rica Mae Alcantara
Charleen Layla
Melody Reyes
Renelyn De La Cruz

2nd Batch of 2017-2018
Christian Loyola
Johnver Herrera

2nd Batch of 2015 – 2016
Allan Chen

SRNEA USA Inc. scholars are chosen by the officers, its board and members base on their life scenarios. We send out application to our Philippine coordinator and reviewed by our office thoroughly. If you are struggling student and has the desire to finish college but your life situation is difficult, we are here to help.

If you would like to become our sponsor, please Email us at Thanks for your visit.